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(Salisbury, England)

Being a main city in this part of England, Salisbury is well serviced by both rail and bus services. There is a large bus station in the city, as well as a major stop on the rail line, with connections to destinations throughout England.

A number of major motorways service the Salisbury district including the M3, M4 and M5, which travel across the Severn Bridge to cities such as Bristol, Swindon, London and Cardiff. While the area is well serviced by buses and trains, getting to places that are just outside of Salisbury or in the surrounding countryside can be difficult without a car and therefore many people choose to hire a car.

Salisbury is well connected to major British airports including London's Heathrow International Airport, which is a 90-minute drive and London's Gatwick International Airport, a 2-hour drive from Salisbury. Bournemouth Airport and Southampton Airport are only a short distance from Salisbury and flights from international destinations, along with domestic flights within the United Kingdom, land at these airports.

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